Lacock Photography Members’ Club

Lacock Photography Members' Club

Come and join us!

Thank you for deciding to join Lacock Photography Members’ Club.

Membership Benefits


•  Membership of the online/virtual camera club, using our professional live video stream technology.


•  Free of charge ad hoc support from Lacock Photography via email or phone e.g. technical shooting problems, purchase of new equipment, Lightroom or Photoshop Elements queries.


•  20% discount on any of Lacock Photography’s workshops.


•  20% discount on Lacock Photography’s printing services.


•  20% discount on Lacock Photography’s image review service (£10 per image after discount)


•  20% discount on Lacock Photography’s Lightroom photo editing service (£5 per image after discount).

Membership Form

How to Join

Just complete the membership form and we will do the rest!  You will receive an email with a secure payment link that will enable you to pay your monthly subscription by credit or debit card automatically.

If you decide that you no longer want to be part of the club, you can cancel at any time.  Its just a matter of letting us know by email or phone and we will stop your monthly subscription with immediate effect.

For more details please see the Lacock Photography Members’ Club Terms and Conditions.  There are no catches or lock ins, we want you to be a happy member!

Camera Club Arrangements


The format of the Camera Club will be developed by the members over time.

• Meetings will be held online in our virtual classroom during the first and third weeks of a month on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 7:00pm – 9:00pm.  Meetings will normally run from September to June, with a break from virtual meetings in July and August, but still with summer activities.

•  Photoshoots  every two months throughout the year – out and about with your camera!

• Lacock Photography will deliver live photography presentations covering a wide range of aspects of the art and science of photography.

• External photographers will be invited to present live on a regular basis (approximately 6 times per year – alternating between Tuesday and Wednesday evenings).

• A photography challenge will be set each month, participating members’ photographs will then be reviewed and critiqued by each other.

• There will be opportunity to review members photographs e.g. from a recent holiday or a specific shoot or project etc.

• Closed Facebook group for club members.