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Black and White Digital Photography - Before
Black and White Digital Photography - After
Black & White conversion


The very foundation of photography is built on the black and white medium, so what better place to learn how to master the magic of black and white digital photography than in – Lacock “The Birthplace of Photography”.  We will be looking at how to see in tones rather than in colour, and will go out into historic Lacock village to take shots which we will then edit in the classroom to reveal their black and white potential.

In today’s digital world, most of the techniques you will need for great black and white images are done at the post productions stage, so this is where we will be concentrating most on. We will how-ever still be looking at a few tricks which will assist your black and white photography at the capture stage too.

We invite participants to bring along up to 10 of their own images which they feel they would like to convert to black and white, but don’t worry if you don’t have any, as you can use our library files.

Suitable for all levels of photographer, except for complete beginner.  Some previous experience of using Adobe Creative Cloud’s Photoshop and Lightroom is required as these will be used by students during the course.

Please note: We limit this course to 4 places such that the tutor can spend time with each student.

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Our studio is equipped with powerful computers running Adobe™ Creative Cloud’s  Photoshop™ CC and Lightroom™ under the Windows operating system.  Each student has exclusive use to one of these systems throughout the day.  However, if you have your own laptop computer or Macbook, which you use for editing (with Photoshop™ CC and Lightroom™ installed) then feel free to bring this if you would prefer to work on your own familiar system

  • Looking for tones
  • Exposure
  • Zone system basics
  • Black and white camera skills
  • Post production from colour to B&W
  • Using the digital darkroom
  • Dodging and burning
  • Toning

REVIEWS - What our Students say!

♥♥♥♥♥ 12 Feb 16 – J.C. Very happy with the Black and White course, will come again.

♥♥♥♥♥ 8 Feb 16 – I.M. Marcus simplifies things in ways that enable you to understand what is going on and to get exactly what you are looking for from an image – and some things you hadn’t even thought about!

♥♥♥♥♥ 4 Feb 16 – G.G. A small group and a dynamic tutor made for a day that fulfilled all my expectations.


We run this course several times each year, mainly at weekends. We get booked up pretty quickly as we have a maximum number of 4 students on each course.

The dates we currently have places available for booking are shown above. Just choose the date you would like to come and add to cart. Payment may be made on our secure website by credit or debit card or by calling 01249 730571 to book and pay by card over the the phone.

We aim to start at 10:00 am so ask you to arrive from 9:45 am for a welcome tea or coffee. The day ends at around 4:00 pm.

THE TUTOR - Marcus McAdam

Marcus has been a professional travel photographer for over 10 years, having travelled to over 50 countries on various assignments. After living in places such as Venice, Beijing, and San Francisco, he’s now returned to the UK, and currently lives on the Isle of Skye.

Marcus’s professional career was kick started when he was awarded the title of Photographer of the Year by Practical Photography magazine. Having a love affair with travel, Marcus packed a bag and journeyed around the world for five years, capturing high class images of unique landscapes and the people who inhabit them.

During this time, Marcus was a regular contributor for many photographic publications, and still continues to write features for the UK’s most popular magazines. On top of this he has shot assignments for the likes of Microsoft, Panasonic, Visit Britain, and Cafe Nero.

Marcus is a true believer that photography doesn’t have to be complicated. “In today’s digital world where even the most basic of cameras have a 200 page instruction manual, it’s easy to see how the picture taking process can be confusing to the newcomer. I like to go back to basics and encourage people to show their camera who is boss!”
Marcus is a tutor for the School of Photographic Imaging, run by IPC Media (Amateur Photographer, What Digital Camera). He also runs one-to-one workshops on the Isle of Skye and photographic holidays worldwide – including to China and the USA.

For many years Marcus shot all his work exclusively on medium format, and still uses his “dinosaurs” to this day. He also shoots with his Canon 1D III and 5Ds


Once you arrive we look after you for the whole day. You won’t have to go out to find somewhere to get lunch or bring sandwiches!

Included in the price is:

● Refreshments (coffee, tea etc)
● Buffet lunch

Additional information

Course Dates

2 February 2018, 1 November 2018