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If you scored less than 5 out of 6 then we recommend that you join us on our Photoshop Elements First Steps or Adobe Lightroom Course – depending which you plan to use.  If you are not sure which to use please contact us to discuss the options. Join a maximum of 3 other people on the course for a fun day in Lacock!  Course details and dates are here>>>  Photoshop Elements- First Steps  and Adobe Lightroom

5 or more
out of 6

If you scored 5 or more out of 6 then congratulations!  Have you thought about our Creative Composition and Critique Course?  Details are here>>>>

If you scored well on all our quizzes then you know your aperture from your elbow, and that ISO is not an insurance policy you were miss-sold when you took out your mortgage.  It may be that our the intermediate digital photography course is just the thing that will enable you to take things to the next level. You may have hit a barrier with your photography and need to know how to move things on to get even better results.  Dates and details are here>>

If the intermediate digital photography course doesn’t float your boat, then perhaps one of our genre specific courses might be what you are looking for.  These courses are run by professional photographers who specialise in their particular field, whether it be Wedding, Portrait, Street/Travel, Wildbird, Equine or Close up Nature these courses are designed to inspire you!  Dates and details of these courses can be found via our home page here>>