Bath Photography Tour

♥♥♥♥ Wayne – Tony is a terrific photo guide.  He know his way about Bath and where to get the best views from. I got some really good photography tips from him too.

♥♥♥♥♥ Agustine – This was a really good thing to do.  Left to my own devices, I would never have seen the things I saw in Bath.  Tony is very nice and is good company.

♥♥♥♥♥ Mary – I often to photo tours in cities to get to see them properly and this was one of the better ones.  Tony is a local who know’s his way about and where to get some very interesting shots.  Thank you for your help with my camera too!

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Bath Photo Tour
4.6 based on 5 reviews

3 hour photo tour starting from Bath Abbey at 10am.

A great way to see the highlights of Bath!


The Bath Photography Tour is a chance to try out your photography skills in the delightful UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath. During the three-hour walking tour you will learn to capture the fascinating history of Bath through photography.

Probably the most beautiful city in the UK, Bath is the only British city to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its entirety. From the spectacular Gothic arches of the Abbey, to the ancient mystery of the Roman Baths, to the refined elegance of the Royal Crescent, Bath has an abundance of photogenic locations.

Instructor Tony McNicol grew up in Bath and loves helping photographers explore his home city through photography. He will tell you about Bath’s remarkable history and the fascinating stories behind its famous architecture, as well introduce some special locations only the locals know. The exact tour route varies depending on the season, the weather and the light, but includes Bath architectural icons such as the Abbey, Circus and the Royal Crescent.

To get the most out of the Bath Photography Tour it is recommended that you are able to control depth of field, capture motion and have an understanding of the ISO setting. These skills are taught on our Beginners Digital Photography Course.  There are a maximum of 4 participants per tour.

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The Bath Photography Tour starts from outside Bath Abbey in the centre of the city and is three-hour walking tour. It is an opportunity to try out a variety of photographic techniques in a historic and beautiful environment. As well as guiding the group around the city, instructor Tony McNicol will introduce classic views of Bath, suggest specific techniques for capturing them, and give feedback on your images.

You will learn:
• About the fascinating history of Bath and how to capture it through photography
• Techniques for photographing Bath architectural treasures such as the Circus and Royal Crescent
• How to photograph outside in different light conditions, and make the best of available light
• The advantages and disadvantages of different types of lenses in travel photography
• To be alert to unusual angles and unique photo opportunities while out and about with your camera.
• How to use composition, camera angle, shape and colour to create striking images.

Tony McNicol went to school in Bath and has lived on and off in the city for over a decade. In the early 2000s he began his career as a photographer in Tokyo. Initially a freelance journalist, he learned photography in order to illustrate his own articles. To date, he has produced several hundred illustrated features for a range of media. His photos have been published in The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Wired Magazine magazines, National Geographic News, numerous business magazines, airline magazines and other publications.

He is fascinated by both Bath’s past and present and the visual traces of its two-millennia history. When he is not working on editorial and corporate photo assignments he can often be found roaming the streets of Bath, looking and waiting for the perfect shot of one of Bath’s myriad photogenic scenes.

Tony lives with his family in Frome, near Bath and mainly works for clients in the South West of England and in Japan. Recent commissions include photographing a train factory, a professional fly fisher, a samurai armour restorer and an artisan carpet factory in rural Japan.

Some of Tony’s work can be found on his website:

Bath Photo Tour