Photography Walk Bath

3 hour photo walk

Capture the spirit of the Roman City of Bath.

The Bath Photography Walk is a great opportunity to exercise your camera in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath – steeped in Roman and Georgian history.

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Friday 23 July 2021

Maximum of 4 persons per session

The Bath Photo Walk is a chance to develop your photography skills in the delightful UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath under the guidance of professional photographer, Fiona Turnbull. During this fascinating three-hour walk, you will photograph the most photogenic locations in Bath whilst being given the technical and compositional support you need to take stunning images.

Fiona fell in love with Bath over 30 years ago when she moved to the area from Scotland.  When Fiona came out of Bath Spa station on that very first day, Fiona knew Bath was the place to be!  Throughout the walk, Fiona will tell you about Bath’s long and interesting history and will include some special locations that only a local will know!  The walk includes Bath’s architectural icons such as the Abbey, The Circus, the Royal Crescent, Pulteney Weir as well as some of the lesser know places e.g. The Cross Bath, St John’s Hospital, The Gravel Walk etc.

If you are using a DSLR or Bridge camera, to get the most out of the Bath Photo Walk it is recommended that you can control depth of field, capture motion and understand the ISO setting.  These skills are taught on Lacock Photography’s Beginners Digital Photography Course.


The Bath Photo Walk starts from outside Bath Abbey and is three-hour circular walk. It is an opportunity to try out a variety of photographic techniques in this stunning, historic city.  As well as guiding the group around the various locations, Fiona will make the most of the classic views of Bath. Fiona will suggest specific photography techniques and give feedback on your images throughout the walk.

You will learn:

  • About the remarkable history of Bath and how to capture it through photography
  • Techniques for photographing Bath architectural gems such as the Circus and The Royal Crescent
  • Techniques for photographing people
  • How to photograph in different light conditions, and make the best use of the available light
  • How to be alert to photo opportunities to capture that significant moment
  • How to use composition and colour to create striking images.
  • How to use slow shutter speeds to create interesting street images

The walk includes a short tea/coffee break, an ideal opportunity to have a welcome breather and for the tutor to review techniques and images.

The Tutor – Fiona Turnbull

Fiona has been in love with photography since her very early days growing up in Glasgow. Fiona clearly remembers her first camera, a Kodak Instamatic and how great it felt when she bought an Olympus Trip when she was 16!  Fiona has developed her skills through self-study, attending courses at local colleges & training providers – alongside lots of practice and deletion of images!

Fiona is an experienced tutor who specialises in developing and encouraging students who are at the start of their photographic journey. Fiona has a keen interest in travel photography including people, architecture, flowers, nature, sport and wildlife.

Camera Technical Requirements for Students

This course is suitable for students with any type of camera, i.e. DSLR cameras/bridge, compact or camera phone.  Please bring any lenses you would like to use e.g. wide angle, telephoto etc.

It is recommended that comfortable walking shoes are worn and appropriate clothing depending on the time of year and the weather forecast!