Beginners Digital Photography Online (Modules 1 & 2) – One to One

Beginners Digital Photography
Online (Modules 1 & 2) - One to One, Two, Three or Four Tuition


If you want to come off auto and take better quality photographs, this is the workshop for you!  From the convenience of your own home, you can join in our live online workshop and learn how to take control of your camera – so much better than shooting auto!

The workshop is streamed from Lacock Photography’s studio and is based on our highly successful Beginners Digital Photography Workshop (Part 1) which has been running for 9 years!  The workshop is a mixture of tutorials, practical demonstrations and interactive quizzes.  Two-way communication with the tutor and the students is enabled during the workshop.

Joining in is easy, no need to download anything!  We send you a weblink, you just click on it and join the virtual classroom.

Perhaps your photography has reached a bit of a plateau? Or maybe you’ve just begun your photography adventure? Look no further! One to One Tuition with Lacock Photography will be designed specifically for you, focusing on what you want to learn, improve and explore.

You may need the flexibility of arranging a date that suits your diary or would just prefer to learn on your own, or with a friend.  The Beginners Digital Photography in Workshop comprises two x two-hour modules, the date and time of each module is agreed between us beforehand.

The workshop is run in our Virtual Classroom, whick will work on Windows or Mac systems using an up to date Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge Internet Browsers. Safari will work on iPad but not on Mac or Macbook. This latest webinar technology, makes it easy for you as the student – nothing to download on your computer or tablet, just click on a link we send you and join for the start.  Click here to do a quick Tech Check on your computer to see if you are all set to go.

Please book your session on our secure website right here.

Included in the price is:

  • Electronic download of notes
  • Access to video resources used during the workshop after the event.

There will be a short break in the workshop halfway through to give everyone a bit of a breather, grab a coffee etc!

Have your camera with fully charged battery with you for the workshop.

Clear selection

On receipt of payment, we will be in touch to arrange dates and times for the two x two-hour modules.



These two modules will provide you with essential photography knowledge to enable you to improve the quality of the photographs you take. We will cover:

  • Camera Basics
  • Lenses
  • Focusing for static and moving subjects
  • Metering
  • Image Quality (ISO & File formats)
  • White Balance
  • Exposure (the mysteries of f stops, shutter speeds and ISO!)

The Tutor

Fiona has been in love with photography since her very early days growing up in Glasgow. Fiona clearly remembers her first camera, a Kodak Instamatic and how great it felt when she bought an Olympus Trip when she was 16! Fiona has developed her skills through self-study, attending courses at local colleges & photography workshops.

In 2011, Fiona and her husband Andy set up a new photography business located in Lacock, the “Birthplace of Photography”. One of the few photography training schools to own its own purpose-built premises, the business has grown year on year to become one of the UK’s leading providers of photography training. Fiona is an experienced tutor who specialises in developing and encouraging students who are at the start of their photographic journey.

Fiona has a wide range of photographic interests and is particularly keen on people, animals, flowers and nature photography. In addition to delivering photography training, Fiona regularly presents external talks on photography.

Fiona’s work can be viewed on Instagram

Read our book!

We recommend you get a copy of Lacock Photography’s beginner’s guide to photography to accompany your digital course. Our 40 page guide was written by co-owner and digital workshop tutor Fiona Turnbull and is packed full of beautiful photos and easy-to-understand photography diagrams.


“I have used all my teaching experience to develop this user-friendly, easy to understand guide to digital photography, which is aimed at the complete beginner. It contains all the essential technical information you need to take well exposed, sharp photographs using your DSLR or Bridge camera.” – Fiona Turnbull