Digital Photography MasterClass

★★★★★ Andy – This course was brilliant. I already had a good grasp of the technical stuff and was looking for ideas to get me taking more interesting and imaginative photos. The tutor, James, is totally expert at teasing out and understanding what you are trying to achieve (even if like me you are not too sure!) and then incredibly helpful in enabling you to put that in to your images.

★★★★★ Stephanie – I can’t believe how much I learned on this course. I am now so much more confident in my photography and finally understand what I want to achieve – and also how to achieve it.

★★★★★ Michael – I came on this course with a good technical knowledge i.e. exposure, depth of field, and wasn’t sure I could learn much more. How wrong I was!  James’ expertise in creating an image is outstanding, he really taught me how to make a photo rather than just take one. I wish I had done this course years ago.

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Photography Masterclass
2 Day Course
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for November 2021

James McCormick
James McCormick

Take your photography to a higher level

You know how to use your camera, now learn about real world photographic techniques that can dramatically improve your photography. This course will cover many of the differing aspects of photography that are encountered when taking pictures both at home and abroad.

We will spend time exploring and working on various photographic genres and how they interact with each other; how advanced thought processes and practices apply to them all; and how these are relevant to your own specific areas of interest.

The genres that will be covered include:

  • Travel
  • Wildlife
  • Portraiture & environmental portraiture
  • Landscapes & architecture
  • Documentary & reportage
  • Street & street portraiture

Each participant will be given individual attention. In addition to advice on shooting images, discussing workflow and editing, we will spend time with each photographer to look at where they would like to take their photography and offer advice on how to achieve this. By the end of the course, you will have taken your photographic skills to a higher level and will leave with some wonderful images and the confidence to continue to push the boundaries of your creativity. Just as importantly, you will have had fun along the way.

The course is about developing what you already know; refining and honing your skills to push the boundaries of your creativity and image creation. We will take a practical approach with the majority of the time being spent developing the skills and ideas needed to produce fabulous images from the initial idea through to your ‘hero shot’. To do this, time will be spent exploring how best to take photographic advantage of any scenario and create images regardless of the situation. Confidence, both technically and creatively, is key to enjoying and mastering photography. Developing observation skills and an understanding of light and its effects, across all genres of photography, will contribute greatly to boosting that confidence regardless of where your principal interest lies.

Over the two days, we will explore why we take images, who we take them for and what we are trying to achieve with our photography. We will look at what makes an image good and then what takes it to having the hero factor. As part of this process, we will discuss and critique each other’s work as well as exploring everyone’s opinions and photographic philosophies. Time will also be spent talking about some of the principles and working practices of a professional photographer, the pros and cons of these and how you can implement some of them into your own photography.

Course Content

  • Its all about the light
  • Why we actually take pictures
  • Key technical principles
  • How to create images that really wow
  • Building photographic confidence
  • How professionals work
  • Where to take our photography in the future
  • What’s important and what’s not kit wise
  • Practical implementation across a range of genres

To get the most out of the MasterClass, students will already need to know how to control aperture, shutter speed and ISO and understand how these settings interact and will have some understanding of compositional techniques. These skills are taught on our Beginners, Beginners Digital Photography Course (Part 2) and Intermediate Digital Photography Courses.

The Tutor

James has been working as a professional photographer since 1989. His career has taken him through many genres of photography and around the globe on a variety assignments. Initially trained as both a photographer and specialist black and white printer by the world’s leading photographer of classical music and opera, James says that this classical photographic training has proven to be invaluable as his career developed and grew.

Over the years, James has lived and worked as a documentary photographer across Africa, photographed virtually every celebrity and pop star that was about at the turn of the century, and is now shooting commercial campaigns for a whole host of different clients. The commercial work James undertakes is often in conjunction with his business partner Marcus McAdam ( Marcus runs our Intermediate/Improver’s course). Meet James and Marcus on their YouTube Channel Photography Online.

James has his base in Devon and Marcus on the Isle of Skye; together they travel the world on various assignments, as well as regularly hosting and guiding photography tours through their own business, Worldwide Explorers.

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Once you arrive each day we look after you until 4:00pm! You won’t have to go out to find somewhere to get lunch or bring sandwiches.

Included in the price is:

● Refreshments (coffee, tea etc)
● Buffet lunch

You just have to bring your camera with memory card, fully charged battery and USB lead if you have one.

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