Still Life Photography

Still life is an artistic genre of photography whereby the photographer captures inanimate objects in a purposeful and aesthetic way.

Still life photography allows the photographer to have almost complete control of their image; after all it is for you to select the objects, to decide how they are arranged, along with choosing the background and lighting. It is this great creative power over your image which makes still life photography such an exciting, personal and deeply artistic experience.

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This one day course is limited to a maximum of six students and involves a classroom based presentation as well as hands on practice with a range of creative set ups. The set-ups will include a variety of visually appealing objects such as fruit and flowers. The Still Life Workshop will also explore still life genres from the original Dutch Masters to more contemporary styles.

Students will leave the course with lots of ideas and inspiration for creating new images at home!

Camera & Equipment Technical Requirements for Students

  • This course is suitable for students with DSLR or mirrorless cameras.
  • A 50mm prime lens or a standard zoom – 18-55mm, 24-105mm, or similar.
  • A tripod.

To get the most out of the course students should already understand the basics of exposure, shutter speed, aperture and ISO and be comfortable handling their cameras using aperture/shutter priority or fully manual mode.

What’s Included?

Once you arrive we look after you for the workshop duration. Included in the price is:

  • Creative set ups at Lacock Photography’s studio
  • Refreshments (coffee, tea etc.)

The course will cover:

– Introduction to still life photography, the definition and examples.
– The recommended equipment to achieve a still life set-up and the importance of backgrounds.
– Getting it right in the camera: controlling focus, depth of field and white balance.
– Practical session with a variety of set ups.
– Visualising your set up and choosing your props.
– Practical session photographing simple table top set ups.
– How to create a more complicated still life set up with tips on choosing your props.
– Practical session setting up a table top composition, selecting your props and using natural light.
– Image editing tips and post processing images in Adobe Photoshop.

The Tutor – Jane Wiltshire

Jane Wiltshire is a photographer based in North Bradley, Wiltshire. Jane has always had a great interest in photography, following in her father’s footsteps: everywhere they went he had his trusty camera with him, and it’s the same for Jane!

During Jane’s career she has had many creative roles, from window dressing for House of Fraser to graphic design for Nationwide Building Society, where she frequently art directed brand photoshoots. Jane now concentrates her artistic skills on photography, exploring a wide range of genres in her work such as product photography, still life, maternity and wedding.

In 2019, Jane won the Bath Architecture photographer of the Year competition and also had one of her photos featured as Photo of the Week in Amateur Photographer magazine.

Check out more of Jane’s stunning still life images on her Instagram at @stillifethroughalens.