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Put your photography knowledge to the test with our brand new quiz! It’s three fun rounds, which get trickier as you go. You don’t need to put in your email or anything else, get the results on the spot! And if you’re feeling a bit smug about your score, why not share them on Facebook.

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This picture has a blurred background but the flower is sharp.  How was this achieved?

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Almost the whole scene from front to back is sharply in focus.  How was this achieved?

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The chairs on the fairground ride show they are moving.  How was this effect created?

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The motion has been ‘frozen’ in this photo.  What shutter speed was most likely used?

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This picture is really noisy, grainy and the colours are not right.  What could have caused that?

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You are using a fast shutter speed, the aperture is wide open.  How could the exposure of this photo been improved?

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