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A Guide To Photo

Photo editing can seem daunting, but by reading up on a few of the basic techniques, you’ll find out how the smallest tweaks can get your images from zero to hero at a click of a button!

Christmas Market Photography

A Guide To Christmas Market Photography

As soon as the markets start to pop up around the country, capture the spirit of Christmas by following these top tips to Christmas market photography!


A Guide To Family Photography

Follow Lacock Photography’s simple tips to family photography, and produce truly awesome snaps you and your family will treasure for a lifetime!


A Guide To Pet Photography

We know that photographing animals is no walk in the park, but by following Lacock Photography’s top tips to pet photography, you’ll be taking pawsome shots in no time!


A Guide To Winter Photography

This winter, instead of putting your camera into hibernation, try out these top tips for winter pics and uncover those hidden, photographic gems that the season has to offer.


A Guide To Flower Photography

This year, make sure your springtime shoots always turn out bloomin’ marvellous by following our top tips for floral pics!


A Guide To Travel Photography

Want travel pics that are a cut above the rest? Check out our fantastic guide to travel photography…and make your Facebook mates and Insta followers get even more jealous than usual!

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A Guide To Festive Food Photography

One of the best things about Christmas has to be the food. And lots of it! So, this year, why not add some foodie photos to your Christmas album, and look back at those culinary triumphs (or even the dining disasters!) for years to come.