Christmas Food Photography

Christmas Food Photography

Xmas Food Photography

One of the best things about Christmas has to be the food. And lots of it! For most families, festive grub is at the heart of the season’s celebrations, and just thinking about munching on mince pies or carving the turkey is enough to get us into the holiday spirit! So, this year, why not add some foodie photos to your Christmas album, and look back at those culinary triumphs (or even the dining disasters!) for years to come.

If you’ve ever attempted food photography, you may have noticed that getting that perfectly baked fruit cake to look as good as it tastes is a real challenge, and with the internet being taken over by the food blogging elite, you may feel that your cookery snaps simply don’t cut the mustard. But don’t worry! Follow this simple guide to food photography, and have your images looking mouth-wateringly good in no time.

1. Let there be light!

When it comes to food photography, lighting is everything. For day time shots, natural light is your best friend, so use surfaces near a sunny window and give your gourmet pics a festive glow. To really capture the holiday atmosphere in your evening photos, try using Christmas lights or lit candles as a backdrop to your foodie shots.

2. Use Christmas colours

Christmas provides photographers with a fab opportunity to use bags of colour; after all, less is more is not really a phrase associated with the festive season! Contrasting Christmas colours such as green and red, and purple and gold, will always make for a vibrant shot. Photographing fresh ingredients is a great way to experiment with colour, and don’t be afraid to crack out the food colouring and multicoloured sprinkles to decorate your baked Christmas goodies!

3. Shoot the best angle

Experimenting with different angles is an essential part of food photography, so put in a little time finding that perfect perspective. Try tilting your camera, taking an overhead shot, or getting down to the same level as your culinary scene, and for a super stylish snap, have a go at the flat lay technique: shooting a bird’s eye view of a carefully constructed layout. Include Christmas props in your flat lay, such as a sprig of mistletoe, to make your festive image really pack a punch!

4. Add a human element

Christmas grub is all about togetherness through a shared love of food, and adding a human element to your photo will help to represent this idea. Have a go at capturing your friends and family tucking into Christmas treats, and for an ultra-modern image, try only including their hands (holding cutlery or dusting a cake for example) to inject a sense of movement and energy into your festive image.