A Guide To Flower Photography

Flower Photography

After a long and rainy winter, there’s no better way to celebrate the return of sunshine than grabbing your camera, getting outside and capturing some of nature’s finest work: flowers! So, this year, make sure your springtime shoots always turn out bloomin’ marvellous by following our top tips for floral pics!


Down & dirty

To make the most of floral images this spring, the first thing you need to do is get those knees a little dirty and take your shot at the same level as the subject. When photographing flowers, many new photographers simply lean over and take a quick snap from above, which often doesn’t produce a very memorable image. So, give this easy tip a try…we’re sure you’ll thank us a bunch!

Insta Ready

If you want to take really trendy floral pics, buy a bunch of flowers and get creative! Try using props in your pics, anything from old music sheets to a pair of scissor; have a rumpage around your stationary draw and see what you can come up with! To produce a super stylish photo, take a bird’s-eye shot of your floral scene, or get a friend to hold the bouquet and focus the shot on their hands and/or torso…your instagram will go mad!


Close & personal

Photography is all about elevating the small things in life, and this idea is particularly relevant to flower photography, as much of a nature’s beauty can be found in the detail. Try getting some close-up shots of a single petal, leaf or bud; and for some added flower power, focus on droplets of water to make your image really spring out from the page!

Gone with the Wind

Although nature offers many photographic treasures, it also creates a few obstacles. When it comes to flower photography, wind is the enemy! You’d be surprised by how even the slightest breeze can impact your image! To conquer this natural nuisance, always bring along a reflector or anything that can be used to shield your scene, and if it really is a losing battle, don’t be afraid to move the great outdoors inside! For indoor flower photography, have a go at using a monocoloured sheet as a backdrop, so as not to distract focus from your budding star!


Change your perspective

To make your flower image stand out from the crowd, experiment with your point of view, and explore innovative angles: have a go at photographing from below your subject to unearth an interesting perspective. Also try focusing your shot through another flower; the second flower will transform into a colourful haze and create a wonderfully artistic feel to your botanical snap!