A Guide To Winter Photography

Winter Photography

Spring, summer and particularly autumn are all popular times of the year for photography, but winter always seems to get left out in the cold. Winter photography undoubtedly presents more challenges than the other seasons: low light levels, rainy days and frosty fingers to name but a few, but like anything in life, the best results often come from overcoming obstacles. So, this winter, instead of putting your camera into hibernation, try out these top tips for winter pics and uncover those hidden, photographic gems that the season has to offer.


Ready, set, snow!

Who doesn’t love snow? Waking up to your garden transformed into a winter wonderland is enough to put anyone in a good mood. If you’re lucky enough to have snow this year, or are planning a wintry getaway, why not have a go at capturing the beauty and excitement that snowfall brings.

A top tip for snow photography is to head out early: warm sunrise tones will stop your snowy landscapes looking dreary, and the snow will be fresh and footprint free! Shooting snow is tricky for any photographer, so shoot in raw format so that you can make exposure and colour adjustments when you come to edit your winter pics. When photographing those inevitable snowball fights, always make sure you increase your shutter speed to produce a frozen action shot!


City Photography

Although the natural world may turn brown and bare in the winter, urban spaces, especially at night, come alive with the bright lights of shops, traffic and festive bulbs. When out and about this year, practise your portrait photography, and use the glowing city streets for a moody backdrop.

Have a go at mastering the Bokeh effect, that is creating a soft-focus background made up of blurred light spots, to capture the lively atmosphere of a winter, city evening. To achieve this effect, you’ll want to use a low F number, or just set your camera to portrait mode.

West Village Evening - New York City-2-XL

The Great Indoors

If the weather outside is frightful, why not capture those cosy, lazy days that we all love about the season. Some photographers are a bit wary of indoor photography, and feel they need a studio to get great results. But don’t worry! By following a few simple tips, stunning inside shots are achievable from the comfort of your own home.

If you’re photographing a still life scene, such as your famous winter soup or a stack of favourite rainy-day books, the best way to achieve a professional looking snap is to use a tripod, as it will enable you to fine tune your composition and produce a super sharp image. Take advantage of natural light sources, by positioning your subject by a window, and pay extra attention to your background: remember to clear away that household clutter!