New Year, New You

New Year!

New You!

Millions of people make New Year’s resolutions every year, yet of the 74% of Brits who made January pledges last year, 63% failed to stick to their resolution, and of those, two-thirds didn’t even last the month! So, this year, instead of idealistically swearing you’ll never touch a doughnut again or vowing to make the gym your second home, why not shake things up a bit and start an exciting new hobby that ticks loads of your resolution boxes…just minus all that pain and suffering.

What is this Holy Grail of New Year resolutions I hear you ask? Drumroll please… Taking up photography! Now, I know coming from Lacock Photography, that sounds a little biased, so here are just some of the many great reasons why starting a photography journey may be the best decision you’ll make all year…

1. It brings out your inner Bear Grylls

Photography reveals your adventurous side and gets you exploring the great outdoors…you’ll be climbing mountains and going on exotic holidays in the name of photography before you know it. Going on photography expeditions is a fab way to shift a few pounds (and infinitely more interesting than jogging on a treadmill), and it takes you to places you wouldn’t have otherwise been. Improving your fitness, your zest for life and adventure and giving you a probably much needed dose a fresh air? What more could you ask for?

2. It's a great way to socialise

Whether it be through going on photography trips with your mates, by meeting new people at camera clubs, sharing pics on social media, or flicking through embarrasing family photo albums, photography really does bring people together and allows you to stay connected to people wherever they are in the world!

3. It gets your creative juices flowing

The great thing about creativity is the more you use, the more you have. Photography can provide a fantastic escape from all the paperwork…the bills…the office politics; it gives you a medium through which to express yourself and your creative side, but free from a dreaded marking criteria or the pressure of a performance review…after all, at Lacock Photography, we believe there is no such thing as a bad photograph. Taking up photography allows you to carve out a little space for yourself, and gets you using your brain to unwind and have fun! This weekend, instead of switching off in front of the telly, switch on your camera or get out your phone, and see what your imagination has to say.