Britain’s Best Landscapes - by Robert Harvey

Thursday 13th May 2021 (7:30pm - 8:30pm) live via Zoom

We are delighted to be hosting a free, one hour webinar interview about photographer and author Robert Harvey's latest book “Britain’s Best Landscapes”. This is the third in a series of very popular interviews, a selection of images taken from the book will be discussed with Robert.

The webinar will take the form of an informal interview centered around some of the images in the book. Participants will be able to submit questions and comments during the session.

Professional photographer Robert Harvey BA ARPS EFIAP CEnv CSci MCIWEM has created Natural World Photography, dedicated to creative images of landscapes, wildlife and the beauty of the night sky. A Chartered Natural Scientist and Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, Robert leads photography tours throughout Britain as well as overseas. More than 290 of his photographs, including over 100 landscape images, have been accepted in international exhibitions worldwide.

Living near the World Heritage Site of Avebury, some of Robert’s favourite images have been taken in Wiltshire, where our ancient past resonates through the landscape. He is the author of “Photographing Wiltshire” and “Photographing the Heavens”.

Robert is also inspired by remote locations such as coasts, mountains and deserts, where untamed land is sculpted by natural elements. He has photographed all Britain’s National Parks at their seasonal best, along with coastlines throughout the British Isles from the southern tip of Cornwall to the northernmost point of Shetland. Overseas, his favourite countries for landscape photography are the United States, Namibia and Norway, each of which he has visited several times.

Visit Robert’s website: naturalworldphotography.net

Britain’s Best Landscapes
And How To Photograph Them

Anyone can photograph the landscape …
but what makes a striking landscape photograph?
Why and how does a superb photograph stand out from the rest?

This book explains the fundamentals of accomplished landscape photography, along with the techniques and perception required to take your images to the next level. It covers everything from equipment, composition and light to making the most of seasons and the weather. There is a wealth of guidance on topics such as photographing lakes, waterfalls, the coast, tides, waves and storms.

You will find inspiration to help you plan ahead and think creatively, make the most of
opportunities and develop your photographic style. How can you make your pictures
more compelling, capture a moment or tell a story?

The second part of the book gives you all the information needed to photograph 100
outstanding locations throughout Britain. From the southern tip of Cornwall to the
northernmost Shetland island, taking in all 15 National Parks, stunning coastlines and
the most spectacular historic sites, they encompass the magnificent variety of Britain’s
rural landscapes. For each location, there is comprehensive information on viewpoints,
directions, maps, co-ordinates, where to park and accessibility, together with the best
times of day and year.

“My philosophy is that as a landscape photographer, I strive to show
the world as I see it. Careful composition, good timing, seasons
and light provide the creative elements of my photography.”


The book is available for pre-order from Robert’s website here>>>

This is a free webinar, numbers are limited and places allocated on a first come first serve basis.  So sign up now!

The interview will be hosted by Andy Turnbull of Lacock Photography.  Robert Harvey runs Lacock Photography’s Landscape Photography and Astrophotography Workshops.

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