Photograph Quiz (Part 2) – Test your knowledge some more!

This is a timed quiz. You will be given 75 seconds per question. Are you ready?


You are in the community centre and its pretty dark in there. You are using Aperture Priority, ISO is set to it's maximum value and the aperture is wide open. The shutter speed is 1/5 sec. What could you do to get a sharp image?

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For shutter speeds less than around 1/focal length of the lens, a tripod should be used.

How is correct exposure achieved?

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Correct exposure is achieved by a combination of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.

This picture was taken on a recent holiday. How could the tonal range be described?

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The image has a limited range of tones - its all pretty grey with nothing white or black.

What effect do colours have in an image?

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Warm colours (e.g. red) will appear to advance whilst cool colours (e.g. blue) will appear to recede.

You have taken this shot, looking on the back of the camera you can see that there is no detail in the sky, the clouds just don’t show up in the detail. What needs to be done to correct this?

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The sky is overexposed (blown out). This cannot be corrected in post processing.

What do the lines indicate on this image?

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The guide lines help to guide framing to the 'rule of thirds'.

What does this histogram tell you about the image?

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The histogram is bunched to the left. This means that the image is underexposed.

Photograph Quiz (Part 2) - Test your knowledge some more!
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