Photograph Quiz (Part 3) – The ultimate test – for now!

This is a timed quiz. You will be given 60 seconds per question. Are you ready?


What factors contribute to the success of this great shot?

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To get a great shot everything has to be right! Including composition, exposure, subject and quality of light.

What 35mm equivalent focal length will a 200mm full frame lens have when fitted to a crop frame DSLR?

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Full frame lenses e.g. Canon EF or Nikon FX will have a focal length x 1.5 or 1.6 when fitted to a camera with a crop frame sensor.

The settings for the correct exposure for a shot of a waterfall are ISO100, f/8 and 1/30 second. What settings will give an equivalent exposure when a 10 stop ND filter is added?

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A 10 stop filter will reduce the amount of light hitting the sensor by about 1024 times (2 to the power of 10). Therefore the shutter speed will have to be increased by 1024 times (1/30 x 1024 = approx 34 seconds) if the ISO and f-stop remain the same.

What factors affect the depth of field?

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The focal length, f-stop and subject distance all affect the depth of field. Use a DoF calculator to get exact data.

For a particular shot, ISO200, shutter speed 1/100 sec and aperture f/8 gives the perfect exposure. What other setting would achieve exactly the same exposure?

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For any shot, the perfect exposure can be achieved by a number of ISO, shutter speed and aperture combinations.

In this photo the sky is blown out and the shadows are too dark. How can this be dealt with?

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The dynamic range of the scene is greater than that of the camera in a single exposure. By shooting in RAW exposure of the shadows may be improved during post processing.

When taking pictures in a snowy scene, the snow can look grey. How can this be corrected?

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The camera's metering system will assume the scene is 18% grey and so will underexpose by 1 or 2 stops.

Photograph Quiz (Part 3) - The ultimate test - for now!

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